The tree surgeons in Nottingham provide various types of tips for maintaining the condition of the plants. It is necessary to keep a few points in your mind that would make the growth of the plants easy and simple. Our professional surgeons of Urban Tree Care Ltd provide some tips for maintaining the condition of the plants in your agriculture farm and the garden. Have a look at some maintenance tips that can help in the growth of various types of plants:

Take Care of the Landscape for the Growth of the New Trees

Tree trimming can be one of the best solutions to maintain the condition of the plants. You may take care of the gardens and the landscapes maintained with the growth of the new plants in a novel way.

You may maintain the condition of the plants in the landscape with the help of the tree surgeons. Prune and trim the plants properly with the help of plant trimmer, so that the growth can be easy. Also, maintain the condition of the plants with the help of the tree pruning.

If all the trees in your gardens are trimmed and maintained properly, the growth of the plants can be easy. Therefore, always manage the growth of the plants with the proper trimming and other maintenance process. Follow some methods while pruning the plants:

  • Nourish the trees with organic malt and water for proper growth
  • Prune the unruly branches of the plants
  • Inspect the insect damage, detect the signs of the plant’s diseases, and inspect the tree’s dying limbs properly, so that the growth of the plants becomes easy, and it becomes easy to nourish all the portions of the plants while doing the tree surgery.

Look after Weekly Pruning and Mulching of the Plants

Follow the methods of weekly pruning while taking the service of tree removal in Nottingham. Over-fertilising and over-watering can be the real issue, so it is necessary to maintain the growth and structure of the plants with the help of the weekly mulching procedures.

For maintaining the pruning of the plants, you need to understand the basics in the growth of the plants. The tree maintenance can be easy if the weekly manure process is maintained properly.

If you prune the leaves and the timber of the plants weekly, it would help the timber to strengthen from its end. Choose the best mulching methods to maintain the condition of the structure of the plants. You may get the best tree service to maintain the condition of the plants.

Prevent Tree Diseases from the Plants

If you want to maintain the condition of the plants and look after the growth of the plants, you should first cure the plants from the tree diseases. The tree cutting and the removal can help in the maintenance of the plants easily.

If you want to control the diseases of the plants, you may take the help of the surgeons who may provide various types of medicinal solutions for the proper growth of the plants.

Summing Up

The tree surgeons in Nottingham can help you in the maintenance of the plants. So, if you learn how to maintain the structure and the growth of the plants, maintenance of the plants can be really easy.

You may contact the professionals of Urban Tree Care Ltd so that the growth of the plants along with the maintenance become easy. You may contact us at  0115 841 8614 or email us at to know more about us.

If you did not already know this about Nottinghamshire tree surgeons, then it must be mentioned that tree surgery is one of the most dangerous professions in the world, which has a high potential for accidents and even fatality as the professionals work at great heights and also deal with a lot of very powerful and dangerous machineries. That being said, it is also agreeable that a tree surgeon is an essential professional required for various kinds of tree services in Nottinghamshire. In this article, we have discussed 10 of the most important things about Nottinghamshire tree surgeons. It will help you better understand the profession and hire the right professionals for your needs.

Before we go on to that, here are a few more common questions about tree surgeons.

What does a tree surgeon do?

Tree surgeons are professionals whose primary job is to look after trees and enhance their life, health and beauty. They offer a range of tree services that include:

· Tree lifting
· Tree removal
· Woodland management
· Tree surgery
· Tree felling
· Pruning
· Hedge trimming
· Planting trees
· Beautifying a landscape or garden

They work for residential and commercial properties as well as local councils and on private contracts for businesses.

Skills and qualifications required to become a tree surgeon

When it comes to becoming a tree surgeon, there are a set of skills and qualifications required. These are:

· Fitness: You need to be mentally focused and physically fit and strong as these jobs are strenuous and demand a lot of attention.
· Good communication skills: Improves efficiency and enhances safety while working!
· Ability to work in a team and coordinated teamwork
· Time management
· A relevant university course, college course, apprenticeship, or by working in the industry. Relevant university and college courses include Forestry, Arboriculture, Forest Management, Level 2 Certificate in Forestry and Arboriculture, or Level 3 Diploma in Work-based Trees and Timber.

10 Most Essential Things about Nottinghamshire Tree Surgeons

Tree surgeons have a variety of roles and offer different kinds of tree services Nottinghamshire. They work in a vast field that requires different kinds of services and has varying requirements and specifications. Along with tree surgery, there is a lot more that they do. In fact, tree surgery itself involves quite a few details to be taken care of which include things like ensuring that a tree’s crown facilitates enough light through to the ground below, pollarding, and ensuring the healthy regrowth of such trees.

Let us now take a look at the 10 most important things that you must know about Nottinghamshire tree surgeons.

1. A major role of Nottinghamshire tree surgeons is understanding the regulations associated with a protected tree. From knowing about the implications of chopping it down to knowing how flexible the regulations are.

2. Tree surgeons help property insurers and mortgage sellers, by helping them make risk assessments of a certain property.

3. Tree surgeons also offer advice on woodland management and inform you on how to effectively and sustainably organize tree-planting schemes for maximum success.

4. Tree removal is a key reason for hiring Nottinghamshire tree surgeons. Such jobs are major and extensive and involve a lot of complications that can only be handled by such professionals. A tree surgeon ensures that the entire tree removal procedure is carried out in a safe manner, reducing any associated risks, dangers, and hazards to any public property, private property, animal and human lives, and other objects nearby.

5. Tree surgery is more than just felling trees. Pruning trees and plants are also an essential part of a tree surgeon’s job. They help maintain trees throughout their early life and can offer several benefits to the environment. Studies suggest that a single tree can produce approximately 260 pounds of oxygen per year.

6. Old age is seldom the reason for a tree’s death. Most times, factors like humans, animals, and disease cause the death of most trees. Tree surgeons are the go-to professionals to prevent, treat and control tree diseases.

7. Nottinghamshire tree surgeons also take care of the city trees. By paying close and appropriate attention to pruning, the trees have enhanced life spans and better health.

8. There are over 20,000 different tree species all across the world. Each tree is different and has different kinds of needs and specifications. Tree surgeons have the appropriate knowledge to deal with local trees.

9. Tree surgeons are not only the right professionals for chopping, pruning, and felling of trees, but also help in planting and maintaining trees. Planting must be done in an appropriate manner with care, ensuring that the plant is healthy and can thrive. Planting may also need the use of cables, supports, and bracing to ensure that the tree grows in a proper and healthy manner reducing the need for future maintenance.

10. Unwanted tree stumps and uneven hedges can also be handled by tree surgeons. They use specialized equipment to grind such tree stumps and remove them. Hedge trimming is best performed by such trained professionals and can render the perfect and beautiful look to a garden, while also making the hedge easier to manage.

Trained professionals best carry out different kinds of tree services, we can agree on that. For the best services and affordability, you need to make the right choice when hiring Nottinghamshire tree surgeons. This will help you get what you need while also ensuring, safety, cost-effectiveness, and time-efficiency. A reliable professional can do the job in an appropriate manner and deliver the best results based on the needs and specifications while also taking care of any legal regulations associated with the task. Hire a reliable tree surgeon for all kinds of tree services Nottinghamshire.



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Cutting a hedge can be a tough job, but if done properly it will bring the best results to your garden. There are also certain trimming laws in the UK that must be followed at the time of hedge cutting in  Nottingham. No matter whether the hedge is small or tall there are some tips that should be followed at the time of trimming.

The experts say “Trimming for at least once a year is much more important for the plants to grow.” The idea of such tree services in Nottingham dates back to the Neolithic era (6000 years ago). With the evolution and improvement in technologies standing in the 21st century the hedge cutters are much in demand.

Trimming the hedge is not an easy task at all. It needs serious hard work to get a quality solution. Trimming by hand will take a bit of time, hence it is recommended to choose an electric trimmer for the job.

When to cut the hedge?

Hedges are best to get trimmed in summer. Some may prefer a single cut and the other for annual cuts. You can choose a conifer hedge to cut in the summer like in the month of August. Evergreen hedges should be trimmed at least two to three times at the end of Autumn. Trim the holly just once in the summer, and hawthorn should be clipped twice. Once in the summer and once in autumn. Shorten the privet three to four times in a year.

It is not possible to trim the hedge regularly. Everyone is busy in this competitive era. You can hire professional services for hedge cutting  Nottingham.

Hedge Cutting Nottingham

Helpful hints that you should know about hedge cutting

  • Trim the new hedges at the early stage to prevent unhealthy growth
  • A formal boundary should be made that is wider in the bottom and ensure that the lower part will receive enough sunlight that will help for healthy growth
  • Use strings for the manual at the time of trimming your hedges
  • It is recommended to remove the large branches that may make an obstacle at the time of trimming
  • Fertilize the hedge properly. It will help to ensure further growth of the plants
  • It is strongly recommended to check whether there is any bird nest or not! According to the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981, it is an offense to destroy the nest while it is in use or built
  • Keep the trimmer and blades sharp enough so that it does not make any issue at the time of  tree pruning Nottingham
  • Wear proper clothing and keep yourself safe at the time of trimming


Always remember to treat your hedge well. It requires the same care as the other plants standing out there.  To take extra care to sprinkle some moisture along the hedge that will help to retain and improve the structure of the soil. Looking for a professional for hedge cutting  Nottingham?

Urban Tree Care Ltd is experienced and professional offering a range of maintenance services. If you are having problems at the time of removing your hedge get in touch with the experts and get a free quote today!

Enjoy Your Garden!

The trees in your garden may have been evaluated recently and you may be recommended that specific treatment should be performed or you are planning to hire a tree surgeon in Nottingham anytime soon as you have started worrying about them a lot these days. If you have never called a tree doctor before, here is a great primer on how to choose one.


Tree surgeons in the UK should have enough insurance for their work. To put things into perspective, they must have a cover of five million pounds or public liability insurance of a minimum of two million pounds, if they are required to work in high-risk regions, such as schools, busy public areas, or roadsides. A qualified tree surgeon would never shy away from showing you the paperwork of their cover if requested.


Tree work calls for a high level of technical expertise and professional acumen. The quality of work demonstrated by experienced tree surgeons like the Urban Tree Care Limited adheres to national standards and they are qualified to perform the required surgeries on the trees without causing any harm.

Chainsaw operators should have cleared the different chainsaw operations standards as stipulated by the NPTC (National Proficiency Tests Council) and must carry the NPTC card when visiting your premises.

All tree work (including stump grinding in Nottingham) must comply with the British Standard 3998: Recommendations for Tree Works 1989 as it sets the bare minimum tree work standards which all tree doctors must strictly adhere to.

Several of the tree doctors have accomplished recognitions in arboriculture; for instance, the NDA (National Diploma in Arboriculture), National Certificate, or AATC (Arboriculture Associations Technician’s Certificate). While it is not a mandatory requirement but, it does no harm to have one with a professional certification for tree surgery in Nottingham.


Tree surgeons duly approved or certified by commercial arboriculture bodies are to generally showcase this in letterheads and advertorials. Note that the two key arboriculture authorities are the AA (Arboriculture Association) and the ISA (International Society of Arboriculture).

While not being a member of any of these two organizations does not necessarily suggest that one is not competent or skillful enough, it would be an added advantage if your prospective tree doctor possesses both or any of these memberships. However, member or not, a seasoned tree doctor would always be able to provide you with sound tree advice in Nottingham as and when required.

Nottinghamshire Tree Surgeon


If you believe that your garden falls under a conservation zone or a TPO (tree preservation order) may be enforceable on your trees, enquire with your local planning council. Written consent should be obtained from the authorities before you are allowed to start working on any of your trees.

You may consider getting in touch with an acclaimed tree surgeon like the Urban Tree Care Limited for bespoke tree services, custom recommendations, and expert advice to comply with all applicable government regulations. You can either consult over the phone or choose to visit them in person.

Trees are very helpful in controlling pollution and providing a healthy environment for human beings. Not only does it provide oxygen and support the wildlife but also helps in improving the quality of air, conserving water, etc. The trees have always played and are still playing an important role in the life of human beings by protecting them and the environment from harmful gases and other kinds of diseases. Therefore, it becomes important for human beings to take care of the plants and hire experts for tree services in Nottingham.

Now planting trees in and around your property is one of the best things which you can do after knowing the benefits. But just planting trees is not important. You need to take care of it. In case you don’t have time to do so, it’s best to hire expert tree surgeons for tree pruning services.

Nottinghamshire Tree Surgeon

The importance of hiring professional tree surgeons for hedge cutting


It is important to remove the dead and old branches to save your tree from falling. And you can only trust the experts to complete the task efficiently. Instead of hiring someone for hedge cutting Nottingham, it is better to employ the experts because of many different reasons. Urban Tree Care Ltd is a reputed company for offering tree caring services in Nottingham.

  • The first importance of hiring the professionals to get the services for tree caring or tree pruning Nottingham is that they are experienced. The professional tree surgeons know what are the things or strategies they need to apply to offer better services to the clients.
  • They won’t just arrive at your location to offer you hedge cutting Nottingham. The first thing that the surgeons will do is make a tree survey report. A survey is an important part of the process as it helps identify the issues and provide the right solutions to the clients.
  • As the tree surgeons have the skills and knowledge related to the tree services, they know that if the things are done correctly, the results would be great. It will not enhance the life of the trees but also appeal to the property where it is located.
  • Hiring a specialist tree surgeon from a reputed company is also beneficial because they are well trained and experienced to offer a wide range of services, such as hedge cutting Nottingham, tree trimming, tree removals, and much more.
  • Helping the trees to maintain their original shape, the experts also make efforts to give them proper care and attention simultaneously.

If you are planning to hire the expert tree surgeons for tree services Nottingham, you need to do some research. You can check the website of some reputed companies, which are well known for offering the kind of service you are looking for. Another thing which you can do is consult with the team of Urban Tree Care Ltd. This company is reputed for offering relevant advice and a wide range of services such as tree felling, tree pruning, tree removals in Nottingham at a reasonable price.

While having a number of mature trees in your property increases its aesthetic value and financial worth, the same if not maintained properly from time to time can prove to be hazardous at times.

Hiring any of the professional tree services in Nottingham for pruning and trimming your trees offers a host of benefits and the most significant ones are discussed below in brief:

Tree Services Nottingham


Pruning helps you to clean up the plants and improve their shape by adding a touch of decoration. It effectively facilitates the development of the healthiest branches with a colourful blossom and makes your plants reach their full potential.

Call the Urban Tree Care Limited now to consult a skilled tree surgeon in Nottingham for all your garden needs.


If you are the owner of a courtyard or a small garden or have an indoor plantation to take care of, there might be certain restrictions that you must comply with, including a limit on the size of the plants to be planted.

Trimming your plants on a periodic basis allows you to modify their size and also alter the volume of space they are likely to occupy. Furthermore, it also offers you the very opportunity to be the boastful architect of some landscaping masterpieces.


Removing diseased and dead leaves from your garden from time to time will ensure the well-being of the rest of the plants and help them flourish. Non-disposal of the dead plants can lead to an infestation of pests and parasites on the ones that are already puny and decrepit.

You can visit a commercial tree service in Nottingham to help dispose of your organic waste.


Trimming your fruit-bearing trees will effectively allow them to have unrestricted access to adequate space and enough energy for producing more fruits.


It is imperative for you to engage an experienced and acclaimed tree surgery provider for your pruning requirements and other plant maintenance works. Hiring someone who offers services at a lower rate is likely to cause a substantial amount of damage to your valuable natural assets.

On the contrary, a trained tree specialist possesses advanced skills, a high level of technical knowledge, and vast experience.

If you are looking for tree maintenance professional, schedule an appointment today with the Urban Tree Care Limited, a trusted provider for tree services in Nottingham.

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