Tree Pruning: 3 factors that you must keep in mind while

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Tree Pruning: 3 factors that you must keep in mind while

Your landscape will respond with healthy and rigorous growth if you perform tree pruning in an effective way. It is a very important task which will result in either harm or help of your plants. If it is done at the wrong time, it will affect the plant or tree adversely and will do more damage than betterment.

Choose the correct time

Each tree is different and pruning at the right time matters. If the task is performed at the incorrect time of the year, it might cause damage to the trees. The best time for tree pruning is when the plant is not growing. The dormant season would be the period when a deciduous variety lacks leaves. When there is a vigorous showing of tree growth, the dormant season comes after that, typically during the winter of the year. Avoid clipping during the coldest month of the year. For flowering trees that blossom in the spring, clip after the spring is over.

Assess the growth

Examine the growth of the branches while you do the pruning. Strong U-shaped branches are good for the health of the plant. V-shaped branches require immediate attention and should be cut down. There are branches that rub against each other. Cut them because they can cause disease in the long run.

Proceed carefully

Proceed cautiously while trimming the trees. After the trimming check what the results k are and what needs to be done further. Never remove more than a quarter of the entire crown at one time, as this could cause significant damage. If you need to remove more than this, spread the trimming over more than one year to prevent negative consequences.

If a tree has become unsteady or diseased, it should be felled. If you are looking for tree felling, look for experts because if conducted by an unskilled person it could cause serious hazards to human life and property. Professionals are fully insured and if anything happens while they are on the job, there is nothing to worry. They are covered.

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